Litigation and Arbitration

We advise and represent our clients in proceedings before state courts and arbitral tribunals, in particular in international and complex cases. We have many years of experience in procedural law and settlement negotiations.

Intellectual Property

Innovation is the most important economic factor (Robert M. Solow, A Contribution to the Theory of Economic Growth, in: Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 70, 1956, pp. 65-94).

We have in-depth experience in all areas of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright and design law. This includes, in particular, advising and representing our clients in intellectual property disputes in proceedings before state courts and arbitral tribunals as well as in settlement negotiations. We also support our clients in connection with intellectual property contracts, such as license, research, development, cooperation and purchase agreements. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of trademark and design services.


We also advise our clients in other areas of law such as competition law, contract law, art law, foundation law and inheritance law. We have a broad spectrum of interests and experience and are equally committed to the interests of our clients in all areas of law.